Seattle Tiny House Couple Session

Seattle Tiny House Couple Session

Eric and Kayla

These two were pure joy to know. We initially met online. Eric backed us on our Space Hero Mission Kickstarter and after a few scheduling conflicts, we finally made the time to get them in our space suit as well as documenting them in their space. At the time of the shoot, Eric and Kayla just acquired their tiny home and were slowly fixing it up to live in. When we arrive we were mesmerized by their tiny house and could not stop asking questions. Is it enough space? Where do you go if you get into fights? Where do you get your water? and so on. We get Eric in the space suit first and Kayla right after. It was fun seeing them as astronauts and seeing their reactions. After Space Hero things they show us their tiny home, guiding us to their bed upstairs, below to the kitchen and living room. We run around outside and find a flower patch. We create as they show each other how much they care for one another. This Seattle Tiny House Couple Session was a magical experience.

Thank you, Kayla and Eric, for showing us your tiny home. The images below is a part of a larger series called in-home sessions. If you would like to be photographed in your own home complete our contact form to be personally contacted by Don.

Tiny home living for seattle couple as their Seattle Tiny House Couple Session. Tiny house unite!Seattle Tiny House Couple Session is where it is at. Tiny home living with this millennial couple. millennial couple smokes in their tiny house. millennial couple cuddle on their bed. space cadet in our space suit! hipster model gets into our space suit. hipster couple poses for the camera in front of their tiny home. black and white laughing millennial couple. Hipster couple are relaxed. white flowers of couple! Double exposure black and white with flowers. millennial couple romp in the field near their home.

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