Colladay Leather – Erin and Jeremiah

Colladay Leather – Erin and Jeremiah

This post is a larger photo project called Millennial Makers – a 52-week visual project featuring intrepid young professionals passionate about running their own businesses and inspiring others to do the same.

Week 1

Colladay Leather

Erin Colladay, 32, owner, designer, photographer and content writer

Jeremiah Colladay, 30, owner, artist, designer and craftsman

Tag Line – Crafted to Inspire

What is Colladay Leather?

Erin- Colladay Leather is an artisan leather studio located in Spokane, Washington, that handcrafts and handtools leather made goods to inspire others to do their own work.

colladay-leather-artisans-spokane is a husband and wife team. colladay-leather-artisans-spokane leather camera straps

Why do you do what you do?

Jeremiah- I always made stuff when I was a kid. What I do doesn’t feel like work to me because I love it so much. I love creating new designs and experimenting and working with my hands. We want to be a platform to encourage people to do what they love, to speak into people’s lives and give hope.

Erin- When we moved to Spokane over 4 years ago, Jeremiah was working with my cousin who is a custom saddle maker. My cousin trained Jeremiah in the traditional leather arts, teaching him how to tool leather. That’s how we began Colladay Leather without even knowing it. I don’t know what Colladay Leather will turn into years from now but I sense that it will be more than selling leather products. 

colladay-leather-artisans-spokane guitar leather straps handmade. colladay-leather-artisans-spokane playing together.

How did your business come about?

Jeremiah- I was making leather goods for friends and family on the side of the saddle job until we realized we could do this on our own. From there Colladay Leather was born.

colladay-leather-artisans-spokane camera straps with Erin. colladay-leather-artisans-spokane playing guitar in a field. colladay-leather-artisans-spokane playing guitar in a field as the sun goes down.

What is the most important piece to keep you sustainable?

Jeremiah- Continuing to do Colladay Leather full-time. Making the bread and butter product that will keep us going. We want to make sales and make ends meet with this business. After that, it’s what products are we passionate about. The future would be to reach into people’s lives and make an eternal impact. 

Erin- What has helped us through the most difficult times is through the grace of God. We both feel called and have seen miracles in so many ways, that it’s hard to turn back. When it made more sense to stop we didn’t. We are still here. 

colladay-leather-artisans-spokane camera straps are the way of the future. colladay-leather-artisans-spokane leather notebooks.

What results do you help your clients achieve?

Erin- The inspiration piece. Our desire is to inspire others to do their own work. Creativity is built into everyone and it is worth pursuing. I want people to be reminded that the products we make are more than products. They could be a family heirloom. An alternative from the throwaway culture. 

Jeremiah- The experience of buying something that is beautiful and timeless that will last forever. It’s not like buying something at Walmart. It could be your family heirloom and you can perpetuate that experience to others. 
colladay-leather-artisans-spokane make leather ear rings as well. colladay-leather-artisans-spokane leather made products like ear rings. colladay-leather-artisans-spokane make leather bracelets too.

Do you have a specific story of client success? 

Erin- We were at a festival and an older gentleman came to our booth wanting to touch our guitar straps. We found out he was a guitar player but later we also found that he was blind. As he was touching our guitar straps he came across a specific design, a topographic design of mountains, and it resonated with him. We are reminded not only are we providing a visual experience but also a sensory and tactile one. 

colladay-leather-artisans-spokane leather bracelets are so cool. Notebooks for artists made by artists. These leather handmade notebooks are gorgeous.

What goals do you have set for 2018?

Jeremiah- Looking into partnering with businesses in Spokane, possibly in wholesale. To streamline our processes and to keep doing what we love.  

colladay-leather-artisans-spokane make awesome hand made leather notebooks. colladay-leather-artisans make leather notebooks in Spokane. colladay-leather-artisans have guitar straps as well. colladay Leather make leather belts as well. Colladay leather interacting. colladay leather walking together in the field during sunset. Where can people go to buy your magical hand-crafted and hand-tooled leather goods? 

Erin- Go to our website, Colladay Leather

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